Some tunes from the new album MOONLIT BANG BANG
(release in autumn 2015)
THE GIRL, THE BEAT (Joana Aderi)
SUGAR DROPS (John Edwards/Joana Aderi)
ELECTRIC EEL (Vera Kappeler/Joy Frempong)
FISH TANK (Joana Aderi)
CROCODILE (Joana Aderi)
TREE HOUSE (Joana Aderi)
FUNNY MONEY (John Edwards/Joy Frempong)

Tunes from the album CHARCOAL FROM FIRE

A DEATH SONG (Music Joy Frempong - Words by Paul L. Dunbar)

DESOLATION ROW (Bob Dylan - Arr. Phall Fatale)

FADING OUT (Joana Aderi)

FOUR WOMEN (Nina Simone)

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